My Best Daydream

'Faults & Flaws'  the debut album for my new solo project, My Best Daydream is now available!

I wrote (or co-wrote), produced, mixed, played all the instruments and sang all the vocals on this project and I'm excited to finally release it into the world! Check it out at

The best place to purchase a download (and/or some very limited signed CD's) is from my BANDCAMP PAGE

Click image to go to My Best Daydream

Cinematic Synesthesia

Vol.1 of my project Cinematic Synesthesia is now available! This is a concept project of instrumental music based on the color wheel. Each song bleeds into the next, and is a representation of how I and my collaborators feel about that specific color and express it in real time.  It's music that is designed for meditation, yoga, massage, studying, or just relaxing. Volume 1 features Etan Sekons on ambient guitars and synths. Etan also co-produced, mixed and mastered this volume. Enjoy!